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Logicom goes Live!

​​Logicom, a leading regional Distributor of Technology Solutions and Services, has announced the launch of its new websites and social media sites.

Logicom's main site, which can be found at, is the company's flagship website. It provides visitors with several dynamic features, including a convenient form to request quotes, product information, and other enquiries, a news and events section that is continuously updated to reflect the most recent and current items, an employment portal with opportunities across the regions in which Logicom operates, and sections about Logicom's current partnerships, success stories, and awards. 

Furthermore, the Logicom offices within the countries of Greece, Romania, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey and Malta will each have their own local website. These will provide visitors looking for country-specific information with news, events, and product information that is unique to each country. Visitors can easily access each country site via a drop-down menu within the Distribution site.

Logicom has also created an online presence on three popular social networking sites: FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. Visitors can "Like" or "Follow" the company for live updates of the latest news, company and partner events, product offerings, promotions and general information about the company, as well as engage in an active online conversation.

This new online presence completes Logicom's recent rebranding plans, which aimed to upgrade and renew its way of communicating with the public. With its new image, Logicom highlights the key pillars upon which the success and development of the Logicom brand are based.

Logicom's pillars of success include its close links with all its stakeholders, from customers, partners and vendors, to staff, bankers, and shareholders, within in a globalized environment; a strong network of partners that is based on the principles of mutual trust and support; attention to detail; and a strong presence in a significant number of countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

With its fresh new image, Logicom will continue to reinforce and foster its values of loyalty and professionalism, as epitomized by the company tagline, 'Partners in your success.'​

You can contact us directly for quotes, support, details about our offices around the world, or anything else on our Contact us page.