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Why Logicom

05_Eye_close_up_LR702x296.jpg​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Since its establishment, Logicom Malta has worked very closely with the vendors it represents, helping its partners grow within the market. This is done through various training sessions and seminars which take an in-depth look at the various technologies each vendor provides.

Logicom Malta has also made logistic alliances with various freight forwarders, enabling the company to deliver efficiently and cost-effectively, and allowing shipments to be made from warehouses in other countries.

As a result, Logicom Malta is an indispensable link in the technology supply chain, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships with channel partners.​ Building on the loyalty and respect of its business partners, Logicom Malta manages to maintain momentum while exhibiting substantial yearly growth and providing added value for all stakeholders.​


A leader in technology distribution

Logicom holds a leading position in the industry segments it covers as a trust-worthy, reliable, long-term partner for resellers and suppliers alike.

Sharing the benefits of economies of scale

At Logicom, we enjoy substantial economies of scale while fostering strong business partner relationships in an expanding geographical reach.

The strongest link between partners and vendors

At Logicom, we facilitate our business partners’ efforts to become more efficient, knowledgeable and profitable, through a close working relationship with our resellers, enabling us to closely monitor demand and optimize inventory while protecting customer fill rates and service levels.

Channel development and support

Our objective is to minimize excess and obsolete products while improving our purchasing processes and product movement through the channel.

Streamlined, highly efficient operations

We strive to be most effective in managing our accounts receivable in order to continuously minimize working capital requirements, through timely collections, disciplined credit limits, customer terms and process efficiencies.

Building on loyalty and respect

Building on the loyalty and respect of our business partners, we manage to maintain momentum while exhibiting substantial yearly growth and providing added value for all stakeholders.

Global reach and local expertise

We count on an extended network of international vendors and the drive and dedication of our local people in order to provide our customers with best-in-class products and services.

Investing in continuous growth

We aspire to continuously be in a position to support growth initiatives and invest in profitable growth opportunities wherever they occur, inside or outside our territory.

Smart, relevant and timely stock availability

We offer the right products at the right place and on time through highly optimized inventory processes.

Efficient credit process and flexible payment terms

Take advantage of the Logicom financial strength and let us support your efforts for growth during these challenging times.

Infrastructure support through cloud services

The latest technology works for you in a global and collaborative environment.

Readily available data warehousing facilities

Exploit our decision support system and manage your customer requirements quickly and efficiently

Innovative eCommerce facilities in key countries

Take advantage of latest technology eCommerce sites offering the latest products and promotional offers as well as full pricing, ordering and stock availability.

Expert pre-sales support and bid management assistance

Our presales experts can configure the appropriate solution for your customers and our sales representatives can assist you in addressing all bid requirements, technical or otherwise.

Building win-win projects for vendors and partners

Join Logicom in a collaborative environment where we share in each other’s strengths to minimize challenges and achieve success.

Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Guided by the latest technological advances and in pursuit of continuous value creation, Logicom prides itself in assisting customers in sustaining competitive advantage in ever changing markets.
Logicom offers exceptional value-added services in support and development of our distribution channel. These are not chargeable services, but what makes us stand out from the competition.

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