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Our Retail Expertise

​​​​​​​​​​​Our in-depth experience with retail distribution has resulted in a number of vendors using Logicom to achieve their retail targets. A number of well-known brands have chosen to outsource their retail sales operations to Logicom, and our disciplined sales teams and knowledgeable sales managers make sure that quarterly results consistently surpass expectations.​

Logicom always aims to provide tailor-made services to our retail channels, based on their specific needs. Our sales teams are therefore able to offer consultancy services, and schedule regular meetings with retailers to present and discuss plans and forecasts. Our market analysis ensures that all have a good understanding the immediate needs of the consumer.

Additionally, through our visits to retailers we are able to ensure that there is always enough stock in our warehouses, which is replenished proactively. Our state-of-the art logistics centers allow for next business day delivery, and same day delivery in certain cases. We deliver centrally or to retail outlets, depending on the needs of the customer, and we also offer packaging services and bunding as necessary.

Finally, Logicom is able to provide outsourcing services for merchandising teams, and conduct in-store activities such as sales training, and design and implementation of promotional material.  

You can contact us directly for quotes, support, details about our offices around the world, or anything else on our Contact us page.