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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Market BI Analytics & Sales Tools

Logicom invests heavily in empowering our people and our channel partners.  To that end, we use advanced technology tools to assist us in our sales efforts.  Our data warehou​sing facility can provide analytical data to support the most difficult business decisions.  We typically extend this service free to our resellers who can take advantage of our market knowledge.

Web-stores / eCommerce

In line with current trends, Logicom offer eCommerce facility to our customers, in effect streamlining the sale and ordering process for our channel partners.  Perhaps most importantly, we focus on providing the best selection of technology products to our markets.

Technology Infrastructure

Logicom has recently established and fully functional Datacenter offering customers a chance to review complete solutions and bring opportunities closer to fruition, faster.  Moreover, in the area of Cloud Services, we offer resellers the capacity to extend a 'white box' cloud, which they could brand to the end customers.

Opportunity Engagement & Business Planning

Our team is well trained, knowledgeable on the products and technologies they sell and able of providing support and guidance to our resellers to help them offer the right solutions, profitably.  In order to deliver more advanced services and additional value, Logicom has invested in new alliances and regional resources that are available to our customers and can help them expand the scope of their business even further and deliver a unique offering to the market.

Training / Enablement

Logicom plans and manages numerous Logicom Technology Forums across our regions aiming to empower our channel partners in all the products/solutions we offer.

Long Term Relationships and Expertise

Due to our extended years of service in the market, Logicom enjoys substantial loyalty from customers.  Still, we strive to meet and exceed customer expectation by continuously developing strong relationships through our clear focus on distribution, regular personal visits as well as a state of the art logistics center capable of supporting a full spectrum of customers' needs at an optimized cost.


Logicom does not sell consulting services but extends the knowledge of expert teams to support resellers to best of our ability. Our engagement model includes working very closely with major and strategic resellers in joint business planning sessions to support them identify opportunities in their customer base and develop their go-to market strategy.  In specific verticals and industries, we seek to bring together experts from other parts of Logicom in order to advise on specific opportunities. Logicom takes responsibility as an aggregator guiding the market to the right sources of expertise for optimized solutions.

Presales Support

The Logicom presales team is fully equipped with knowledge and certifications in order to provide presales support and assist channel partners in solution design, architecture and configuration. More specifically, we can assist our resellers with defining customer needs and formulating the appropriate solutions; assuring product compatibility; offering solution optimization for virtualization and solutions for unified communication and collaboration through Lync and Sharepoint; and selecting the right programme and mix of products to ensure channel partners benefit from the best possible pricing offer for their project. 

Financial Services

Logicom extends credit limits and credit insurance to the majority of our customers in our countries.  Others are offered internal limits based on their trading history and local credit rating.  Logicom offers credit terms of 30, 45 and 60 days based on the credibility of the customer and business volume.

After Sales Support

Logicom product and sales teams provide after sales support to channel partners by helping them place orders and actually deliver the solutions to their customer base.  Logicom also is able to deliver on behalf of resellers to end customers, making the delivery process highly efficient and in effect minimizing risk for channel partners.

Warranty & Returns

Logicom adheres to high quality, industry-standard best practices regarding the return of products under warranty.  Through a streamlined RMA procedure, fully tested for effectiveness, we make sure a customer can quickly request a return minimizing risk as well as any down-time possible caused.  The average product return rate is around 1% even though it varies between brands.

You can contact us directly for quotes, support, details about our offices around the world, or anything else on our Contact us page.